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A brand new video platform that allows you to perfectly “Show off your mind”.


August 5, 2022

While Tweeting about “Show off your mind” and thinking about breaking into making video content on TikTok, I randomly came across “Along” on ProductHunt.

Along is a new video based social media app with a TikTok-esque user interface, where you can swipe up and down to go from one piece of content, known as a “tape”, to another.

Where Along differs, and really stands out in an exciting way, is that a “tape” is a collection of videos called “clips” that creators can infinitely add to over a long span of time.

From there when a user is viewing a tape, they can swipe left and right to go from one clip to another.

This medium is perfect for when you want to “Show off your mind” because you can create a tape for a project and share details about it in clips as you go in real-time.

I got early access and snagged the handle @shadow, and I’m beginning to share my adventures Building “Show off your mind” in public there.

Feel free to follow Along by trying it for yourself.

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