Counting Down the Days

An alternative rock song I wrote about looking forward to finding the love of my life

March 15, 2012

It's an amazing place where I am
Away from your space,
and I now have a smile on my face

I'm counting down the days until I meet her
Until I see her for the first time
Time will stop by her eyes,
And that'll be fine

There's only so long I can scream at the clock
and say everything will be fine
After spending way too long trying to find my dime,
And I'm not talking about change
unless it's between you and I
Where ever you are, I promise I'm your type,
Yeah, that's right
I'm not lyin' or a tiger

I've been telling myself that I'm insane
I need to buy the first ticket I find for the sane train,
But I'm beginning to see it'll all be in vain
Because I'll just end up in the same place
With this silly smile upon my face singin'

Pull me in close
Where ever you are
Don't lose hope
I swear what you want I can be that
I swear I will find you believe it
Please please

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