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January 27, 2022

2022 Thought Along

2022 Thought Show off your mind

2022 Thought Learning how to create TikTok content

2022 Philosophy What is a “problem“ 4 months later?

2022 Accomplishment I am now proudly featured on Codecademy

2022 Thought I have opened an online merch and digital downloads store

2022 Thought Don't "Notion" your entire organization

2022 Tool Quote image generator

2022 Tip A powerful question to ask your next interviewer

2022 Philosophy Individual people bonds build strong teams and solve hard problems

2022 Philosophy What is a "Definition of Done"?

2022 Thought The type of content I choose to create and why

2022 Philosophy What is a "problem"?

2022 Thought My setup for streamlining personal website management

2022 Explanation A story writing process by Ira Glass

2022 Thought Finally, high quality, on-demand video production at my fingertips

2022 Thought Wise career quotes and advice

2022 Thought The importance of modern artifacts

2022 Thought Finally able to add content on the go

2022 Tool Interactive diagram for managing complex change

2022 Thought Reimagining

2021 Explanation Tailwind CSS Utility Classes | The ultimate electrons for Atomic Design

2021 Accomplishment Published @openlyinc/get-vercel-deployment-url NPM package

2021 Explanation CSS On-Demand with Tailwind JIT

2020 How-To How to test all Vercel deployments using Cypress in a GitLab pipeline

2020 Accomplishment Created a dynamic lead page creation system using Contentful

2020 How-To How to deploy an Express API to Vercel

2020 Talk How to deploy an Express API to Vercel

2020 How-To Deploy a static site with a working form using Netlify

2020 Song He is the Center

2020 Explanation Love Vuetify? Meet PrimeVue, a powerful new Vue UI library

2020 Explanation What is Apollo Link and its purpose in the GraphQL ecosystem?

2020 How-To Bulk deleting local Git branches using Regex

2020 How-To Vue component TDD with Jest & Storybook

2020 How-To How to make an API from scraped data using Express & Puppeteer

2019 Song Shadow of Sound (Echo)

2019 How-To How to find your AWS Cognito IdentityPoolId

2019 Song Light (Sleeping at Last Cover)

2019 Song I Can Make You Feel Young Again (Copeland Cover)

2019 Song Have I Always Loved You (Copeland Cover)

2018 Song Ringing in My Head

2018 Song Endless

2018 Song Eclipse

2018 How-To Setting up a SASS/SCSS transpiler

2018 How-To How to install Node.js

2017 Explanation What is a callback function in JavaScript?

2016 Song Remember When

2015 Song The Knot

2014 Song Downtown

2014 Song Open Your Eyes, My Girl

2014 Song Go, Disappear, Run Away

2014 Song 7V

2014 Song 5T

2014 Song 6U

2014 Song Born With

2013 Song Sinkin' Me In

2013 Song Painter

2013 Song One, Two, Three

2013 Song Until You Exist

2013 Song My Own God

2013 Song Where is Your Head?

2013 Song Out of My Head and into My Arms

2013 Song Creative Enough

2013 Song Frowns Slip Away

2013 Song Time, Moments, and Memories

2012 Song Cherish What is Given

2012 Song Let's Just Lay Here

2012 Song You Will Never Want to Leave Here

2012 Song Counting Down the Days

2012 Song Arizona

2011 Song Paper Ball

2009 Song Wait, There Must Be a Light Somewhere

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