Frowns Slip Away

This is an indie pop song I wrote about songs that make you happy when you hear them

May 12, 2013

Have you ever been lost in thought about how your life is
Have you ever been down on your luck or ran out of fucks to give
Here is a remedy to heal your wounds just a simple melody to sing to

So here's to the songs
Where everyone know the notes
and everyone sings the words
and everyone hums the verse
So here’s to the lyrics
The ones that make you smile when you hear it
The lines that get lost in your head
And know exactly what to say
To make frowns slip away

Have you ever stared at the clouds out a car window
Wondering what turn to take, and where it will go
Have you ever felt so afraid of what choices are right
That you only do what your told and lose the will to fight

Everyone gets beat down picked up and tossed about
Most don’t make a sound, but others do
We take what we learn and sing it like a bird
So we’ll flock together to survive the weather just like birds do

So here’s to my song
Come on and sing along
If you’re worried, depressed, or stressed
I promise it’s for the best
I know my lyrics
Will grab you just for a minute
And know just what to say
To make your frown slip away

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