Let's Just Lay Here

A song I initially wrote in 2010 and recorded it during college

May 28, 2012

So It's been awhile now (It's been awhile now)
Since you came around to let me
Show you what you adore in me, love in me
But it's okay I wouldn't want it any other way
but right now but right now but right now

Lets just lay here under the white clouds
We're safe and sound right here as one
And lets just wait here and count the breaths we take
Just to have you fall asleep here right inside my arms
Right inside my arms

I'm not going to lie, I always think of those eyes
More than I'll willingly admit
But if I saw them all the time
They wouldn't be on my mind
Watching my neurons excite
When you're by my side

So i'll just lay here all alone tonight
Because I know you're fine
Because I know you're mine
I don't need you here all the time
But on occasion it's nice to free my mind
with your fingers locked in mine

Separation makes the heart grow fonder
Separation makes the heart grow stronger
Separation makes the heart grow fonder
And when I see you it's twice as better

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