My Own God

A spoken word poetry song I wrote using a text I sent to a friend explaining my thoughts on the idea of a "higher power" at the time

August 12, 2013

I live a cut and dry life
I love myself more than anyone or anything
And I only do actions and affiliate with those
Who make me love my existence more than I would if I were alone
If any temptation or anyone dampens my love
for my own life in any way, I cut it out
My happiness is my top priority
But if you add joy to my days, I will return the favor
That's what friends are for
But ultimately I have realized that pure happiness comes from within
And everything else beautiful about life enhances the experience

I see myself as my own God

Recently, I found a part of myself I looked away from
The thing is, I didn't know it was missing until I found it
It's a liberating feeling to feel whole even when you're alone
But don't forget to believe

Once you forget what it is to have faith
You cease to exist within your own mind
And it's a dark place when you can't even believe in yourself
It's a dark place when you can't even believe in yourself

I see myself as my own God

It is refreshing to take a step back and borrow another's mind
Because once we all realize we are fundamentally the same
We can adjust our intentions accordingly to move in the same way
That is peace

Goodnight, brother

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