Out of My Head and into My Arms

This is another song that I wrote about my Wife before I met her but at a tempo that's faster than most of my other acoustic songs

June 8, 2013

I swear to you, girl when I find you I'll give you the world
I'll give you what I've saved for so long (so long)
Just promise me your heart, and I promise you will never ever shed a tear
But never holding you close is my biggest fear

Let me just ask one question now
Why settle for someone that only brings you down?
It has and will never make sense to me
But if I could convince you just to believe
Just to believe that I am your missing piece
You could finally, you could finally

Get out of my head, and into my arms
Into my arms (Into my arms)

Lets be honest now, most of us don't get it
But that's not always true
I will show you the proof with my actions towards you
Picking you up when your plans fall through
I know I will grow on you, I will grow on you now

In my arms I will keep you safe
I will keep you sane in this lonely place
Where all faces look the same
And finding trust is a mental drain
I know how you feel, I said I know how you feel
Now break your habits, and make your heartbeat real now

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