You Will Never Want to Leave Here

A song about seeing the beauty of a significant other that they can't see

April 9, 2012

I believe you can't see what I see
You can try, but you will never find the picture in front of me
You beauty on the outside and in
is what I needed is what I needed

I'm on the outside looking in
And I will do it again and again
I know you can't see how good you are
Trapped in your heart
But I'm looking in

If the stars had eyes, they couldn't see the splendor of the skies
Yet the scene is one and the same to us
We are on the ground looking up
At the vivid imagery above us
I know we can see the shine of the stars
While we're looking up

I'm not saying you're a star
But I'm not saying you're not
The truth is the concept is similar
From where I am I can see your heart
You have a goodness I talk about
Even when you are a far
I could hear it in your voice from the start

You will never want to leave here

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