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12 actions for limitless impact

A collection of things I do to build and one day leave a positive legacy

September 16, 2023

  1. Dream
    Use your imagination. Share rich visualizations of an ideal future and ensure it is not just spoken but felt.
  2. Grow your family
    Love everyone you talk to. Spend quality time with them. Share jokes, talk about your dreams, your pain, become family, and then help them.
  3. Nurture passion
    Discover what is at the intersect of what someone loves to do and what is good for business and help them get there. There is no force for innovation as potent as a loved person with passion and the confidence to wield it for a greater good.
  4. Default to action
    There is always a next easy step, so take it.
  5. Think every step ahead
    Understand the desired future state of every thing and every one around you. Anticipate needs. Question reality. Question fundamentals. Don’t just solve problems, solve their solutions’ problems. Find different paths.
  6. Trust mental dissonance
    Lean into the discomfort of confusion and use it as a compass. Bring clarity to complexity and you and everything that touches it will grow.
  7. Play the infinite game
    Visualize your ideal self, let that future you help current you grow into them. Grow relentlessly. If shoes fit, wear them, but don’t try and force your foot. Have a growth mindset and then some.
  8. Craft communication
    Take time to create visuals, format your writing, and proofread it. Cause great impact with few words. Proactively determine the change you wish to make and why, and drive it home.
  9. Storytell and entertain
    Hook them to your every word. Be intentional about what questions you make them ask themselves before you answer them cleverly. Make them lean in. Make them laugh. Make them remember you, your mind, and your message.
  10. Clone yourself
    Create 1-way communication channels from your brain to a limitless audience by generating content. Make it easy, do it often, and you will generate value while you count sheep.
  11. Create for every snapshot of you and everyone you know
    Transcend time and help all who are a few paces back on a path you’ve walked. Easily transferrable knowledge is a gift for everyone that is where you’ve been but not where you are, including your future self.
  12. Be you
    You have a unique brain and the world is infinitely problematic. Your perspective, mannerisms, and quirks will be a preference to someone. Don’t be afraid to say words that have already been spoken because until you say them, they have never been spoken by you, and you never know who needed to hear it in your voice.

If any of these 12 actions resonate with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

It is part of my pursuit to help you with yours.

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