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Just shut the fake up and evolve the real you

A light hearted rant about taking control of your life

September 28, 2023

I get it.

Social media is in your face all day filled with shallow copies of everyone you know and everyone you don’t.

You watch the highlight reels, read the diaries, and click the thinly veiled advertisements of imperfect people just like you who got lost chasing the internet points of whatever app you opened to kill your boredom with.

All of this virtual pageantry is specifically designed to make your idle mind’s eye pink with infection.

They suck you into the meaningless hive that traffics in peddling visions of what the highest bidder wants you to be with the sole purpose of making you think buying something you wouldn’t is your good idea.

You aren’t enough, but you can be.

All you have to do is swap the cash you earned in your past for a future you didn’t ask for because I said so and you were groomed to go along with it.

Oh, what’s that?

You want to escape your 9-to-5 grind?

Buy my book and learn to become a porcelain doll like me...


Just shut the fake up

Abandon social media, self-reflect, and visualize who you want to be without the influence of ad budgets aimed at you.

Write your unpolished ideas down right now.

Tomorrow, collaborate with your past self who wrote them.

Embrace your quirks, failures, relentlessly pursue better, and your authentic self.

Craft your messages but don’t edit out your humanities.

It is heart people connect with, not brand, not nice things.

Make them feel something, make them feel seen, actually care about them, and tell them stories they can connect to and grow from.

Be a friend to all and be vulnerable while doing it.

Take the extra time to deliver a message to someone’s soul in your own imperfect way.


Continue what works.

Tweak what doesn’t until it does.

Take aim, and pursue becoming your chosen future by relentlessly being the most authentic you possible today and every day after.

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