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Legend has it...

A fictional tale depicting the danger of depending exclusively on tribal knowledge instead of documented knowledge to solve problems

April 8, 2023

Once upon a time, there was a fearless hero named Kiera who defeated a creature that terrorized her kingdom.

Legend has it, Kiera didn’t use a weapon to defeat the monster.

Instead, she sang a hypnotic song that lulled the beast into an eternal slumber.

Centuries later, the same type of monstrosity appeared and began attacking the kingdom once more, causing a new hero, named Aidan, to emerge and vow to stop it.

Aidan knew the legend of Kiera and could sing her song word-for-word, so he did —— putting the creature to sleep.

However, to Aidan’s disappointment, the monster woke up shortly after and continued wreaking havoc on the kingdom.

Aidan sang Kiera’s song over and over in hopes of stopping the creature, but nothing was keeping it down for good like in the story he heard growing up.

It was in this moment Aidan realized the legend may have lost critical details as it was passed down through the generations, and he couldn’t use what he heard to defeat this foe.

So he set off in search of the truth and eventually discovered an old, weathered book written by Kiera that described exactly how to defeat this type of monster.

As it turns out, Kiera did put the beast to sleep with her singing, but she ultimately defeated it by piercing its heart with her sword.

Armed with exact steps to win, Aidan rejoined the fight, followed the steps in the book, and defeated the creature.

In doing so, he saved the kingdom, proved legends can be deceiving, and documented knowledge is the most reliable way to solve repeated problems across time.

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