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My setup for streamlining personal website management

A behind-the-scenes summary of what I do to easily create and publish new content to my website

March 6, 2022

For almost a decade, I have constantly had thoughts swirling around in my head, but until recently, it was too difficult and time consuming to write and publish any of them.

Well not anymore. Now, to streamline the creation and distribution of content for my website, I:

  1. Store all of my website's code, content, and assets in a GitHub repository.
  2. Write and publish all content from my phone using Working Copy by connecting to my GitHub repository.
  3. Deploy my website using Vercel when my GitHub repository changes using their integration.
  4. Use Markdown and Tailwind to style everything.
  5. Use a custom Vercel serverless function to create social sharing images on-demand.

This will certainly evolve over time as I add video, but with this setup, I can create helpful resources for others instead of social media doom scrolling when I'm away from my laptop.

This website was proudly made with Nuxt, styled with TailwindCSS, and deployed to Vercel.