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npm Shuffle

It's like StumbleUpon for random npm package discovery

April 24, 2023

When I was young, I used to aimlessly discover new corners of the web using a service called StumbleUpon, and now as a Software Engineer, I love finding random npm packages that spark my creativity.

The problem is I have to use a variety of highly curated sources like GitHub Explore and r/npm on Reddit to find them, but sometimes its nice to have absolutely no curation to discover the most hidden of treasures.

So naturally with this in mind, I wanted the ability to aimlessly discovery new corners of npm, but after searching, I couldn't find anything on the web to take me on this journey.

So I made it.

If you want to shuffle through npm packages for fun or inspiration, bookmark https://npm-shuffle.vercel.app and click until you find something neat.

Who knows? It could spark your next great idea or silly tinker project.

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