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A way of thinking born from my dream of transcending time with resilient, easily transferable ideas

September 17, 2023

When you think of generations or look up the definition online, “collections of people born and living around the same time” is the inevitable description that comes up.

Though this is true, I see this as the mainstream hyper-specific type of “generations” that has taken the place of a more general definition of the word.

I believe...

Generations is the lineage of a collection of distinct things joined by shared characteristics and circumstance but separated by time.

This definition is specifically not human-centric and can be applied to all sentient entities, physical objects, and abstract ideas, but now let’s zoom in on human generations.

Human generations

To define a human-focused type of generations, I’m going to substitute “things joined by shared characteristics and circumstance” from the general definition with a tried-and-true mechanism for representing people that share characteristics and circumstance, a persona.

Human generations is the lineage of a distinct persona separated by time.

Identifying and differentiating between verticals of human generations in addition to each generation in a lineage is useful when developing a clear understanding of consistent needs across time.

This unlocks your ability to help and lead like-minded people now and later with intention and lays the foundation for you to develop something greater than yourself that forever improves the world, your Legacy.


“You only live as long as the last person who remembers you.” - Westworld

Great thinkers, like Einstein and Aristotle, still have influence on society decades and centuries after they lived, and in a way, they are still alive today because of it.

If you’re like me and want your sphere of positive influence to not only envelop those in proximity to you now, but also affect people you may never meet who find themselves in a similar place in the future, I believe Transgenerationalism will resonate with you.

Transgenerationalism is the art of intentionally influencing a persona across time, ensuring that values, knowledge, and cultural heritage evolve purposefully, ultimately creating a distinct lineage of identity across generations.

Well known figures with legacies that echo across time and geography live like Transgenerationalists, and here’s how you can start.

How to be a Transgenerationalist

To be continued...

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