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A written, selfish PechaKucha

10 things to know about me

August 18, 2023

PechaKucha is a visual presentation style that forces the presenter to be brief increasing their creativity with the constraints of the format.

Though this post isn’t visual, I took the underlying principles and concisely wrote 10 things about myself for you to get to know me a little better.

  1. My name comes from Guns ‘N’ Roses lyrics.
  2. I love my tight-knit family more than anything.
  3. We all live next to each other in Westmoreland, TN, a small town on the TN/KY border.
  4. I love other things too like Chartreuse Green, Digimon, and cinematic PlayStation games.
  5. In past life, I was the drummer of a hardcore band, and I now produce my own alternative music.
  6. I initially went to college for commercial music but graduated with a degree in Business Management.
  7. I taught myself Software Engineering using Codecademy and YouTube.
  8. I found my “Why”, and it changed my life.
  9. I worked the Software equivalent of “odd jobs” and then took my diverse experience to Openly in August of 2020 at the start of the pandemic.
  10. I tinker with code a lot, write more, and am going to publish a book sometime soonish.

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