My Music

Songs I have written and recorded

Lights in the Firestorm

An incomplete catalog of songs me and my friends wrote and played long ago

Shadow of Sound (Instrumental)

The instrumental of the song I wrote to my son while my wife was pregnant

All I Am

A song about my Mom I have struggled to write because words can't possibly capture her true impact on my life, but this feels like a decent attempt

He is the Center

A song I wrote when I was 16 for my Dad that I re-recorded for Father's Day 10 years later

Shadow of Sound (Echo)

A song I wrote to my son while my wife was pregnant, and if you notice a swishing sound in the bridge, it is his heartbeat through an ultrasound and my favorite part

Light (Sleeping at Last Cover)

Years before I had my son, I cried because of this song, later I danced with my Mom to it during my wedding, and finally, I covered it to announce that my wife and I were expecting

I Can Make You Feel Young Again (Copeland Cover)

Another cover of one of my favorite bands of all time

Have I Always Loved You (Copeland Cover)

A cover of the song my wife walked down the aisle to during our wedding

Ringing in My Head

A song to my late great-grandfather that I needed to create to escape a spiral of thanatophobia after his passing, all wrote and recorded in less than 8 hours


An alternative rock instrumental I wrote while exploring a more ambient sound


An alternative rock instrumental I wrote after being inspired by an eclipse

Remember When

A catchy reminder about how easy life can slip away if it's too repetitive

The Knot

A mix of an instrumental song that had lyrics, but thieves stole my laptop out of my car preventing me from finishing it


This is a clip from a track I created for my project "The Honest" that didn't go anywhere


An alternative rock song I wrote about having fun with friends in the city

Open Your Eyes, My Girl

An extremely over-produced alarm clock sound effect I made for my Wife that made me hate the sound of my own voice after hearing it over and over

Go, Disappear, Run Away

This is an alternative rock song I wrote about giving in to loving someone that you tried to run from


The last of 3 electronic instrumentals I made


This is an electronic instrumental song I wrote for fun one day


This is another fun electronic instrumental I wrote

Born With

This is an acoustic song I wrote about being grateful for the life you have

Sinkin' Me In

A fun, country-ish acoustic song I wrote about hypothetically running into the love of my life randomly in the city


A song I wrote as an apology to my Wife for pushing her away because of a quickly passing fear of commitment I went through while we were dating

One, Two, Three

This track was a fun attempt at making a Ke$ha style party song with a weird solo thing in it

Until You Exist

Another song I wrote about wanting to find my Wife, but in this one, I sing about needing to stop worrying about actively finding her

My Own God

A spoken word poetry song I wrote using a text I sent to a friend explaining my thoughts on the idea of a "higher power" at the time

Where is Your Head?

This is a spoken word song I wrote about a childhood friend that discarded me in pursuit of fame, popularity, and trend chasing

Out of My Head and into My Arms

This is another song that I wrote about my Wife before I met her but at a tempo that's faster than most of my other acoustic songs

Creative Enough

An alternative indie song I wrote about how its amazingly beautiful the world is

Frowns Slip Away

This is an indie pop song I wrote about songs that make you happy when you hear them

Time, Moments, and Memories

A spoken word song I created initially under a solo project called "Mechanical Cavern" where I add surprise distorted scream vocals at the end

Cherish What is Given

An alternative rock song I wrote about appreciating life

Let's Just Lay Here

A song I initially wrote in 2010 and recorded it during college

You Will Never Want to Leave Here

A song about seeing the beauty of a significant other that they can't see

Counting Down the Days

An alternative rock song I wrote about looking forward to finding the love of my life


An alternative indie song about wondering where the love of my life is

Paper Ball

An angst filled acoustic song about questioning freedom

Wait, There Must Be a Light Somewhere

One of the first acoustic songs I ever recorded that I am only sharing to show how far I've come

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