My Thoughts

A mixture of helpful guides, philosophical exploration, and miscellaneous mind dumps

Life’s purpose

A deep thought about what we’re doing here

Async Article Club

A way to create more opportunities for fluid content exploration

Openly newsletter interview

My written interview for an internal publication at Openly

Website reimagined... again

It is due time for an upgrade to my corner of the internet

Game design insights

Quick notes on game structure that mimics vision casting, autonomy, and motivation

My clone wants to say a few words

My feelings on AI voices and how I intend to use it

My Opinions

An ever expanding list of my opinions on work and life

The impact of AI on how I think about publishing my writing

Some of my experience and fear with AI and how I aim to avoid becoming just another data source for it

Steam of consciousness journaling noodling

A cathartic experience made possible by my iPad that I want to continue privately

Just shut the fake up and evolve the real you

A light hearted rant about taking control of your life


A way of thinking born from my dream of transcending time with resilient, easily transferable ideas

12 actions for limitless impact

A collection of things I do to build and one day leave a positive legacy

Be the Hidden Hero

A story about mentorship, the harm of helping too hard, and the importance of intentionally preserving independence

A written, selfish PechaKucha

10 things to know about me

Highly effective inspiration tactic, now backed by neuroimaging study

A new study points to a method I have written about before as the best way to inspire others

Want to generate limitless value? Send your clones

One of my clever answers to the timeless question "How can I be more valuable?"

npm Shuffle

It's like StumbleUpon for random npm package discovery

Don’t be a Hero Leader, let people fail

A reminder to let people fail to develop their self-reliance

Legend has it...

A fictional tale depicting the danger of depending exclusively on tribal knowledge instead of documented knowledge to solve problems

Tips to realize vision by empowering autonomy

A few helpful tactics to encourage teams to work toward dreams with creativity and freedom

Why I find writing, articulation, and formatting important

An explanation of why I take time to carefully communicate using the written word

Show off your mind

A mantra that encourages the sharing of creative thinking in real-time to increase luck

I am now proudly featured on Codecademy

Codecademy was inspired by my unconventional journey to Software Engineering

I have opened an online merch and digital downloads store

I am using Gumroad and Printful to sell my creations on demand

Don't "Notion" your entire organization

My strong, controversial opinion against using Notion for storing organizational knowledge

A powerful question to ask your next interviewer

I’ve asked this question at the end of every interview, and I’ve always left with an opportunity

Individual people bonds build strong teams and solve hard problems

A seemingly straightforward concept that can be considered a waste of time by many

What is a "Definition of Done"?

My definition of the concept "Definition of Done"

The type of content I choose to create and why

A quick update on the motivation behind the thoughts I share

My setup for streamlining personal website management

A behind-the-scenes summary of what I do to easily create and publish new content to my website

A story writing process by Ira Glass

An instantly actionable method of synthesizing information into a story

Finally, high quality, on-demand video production at my fingertips

A brief description of my new video creation setup

Wise career quotes and advice

An ever expanding list of helpful career advice that may be novel to you

The importance of modern artifacts

A random shower thought that turned into an alarming realization

Finally able to add content on the go

I recently started using an iOS app called Working Copy to publish content from my phone, and so far, it rules


I'm turning it into a beautifully simple, easy-to-update microblog

Tailwind CSS Utility Classes | The ultimate electrons for Atomic Design

My thoughts regarding Tailwind's rightful place in Atomic Design methodology

CSS On-Demand with Tailwind JIT

A simple introduction to Tailwind's Just-In-Time compiler

How to test all Vercel deployments using Cypress in a GitLab pipeline

Learn how to host to set up a GitLab pipeline that can test every Vercel deployment using Cypress

How to deploy an Express API to Vercel

A simple guide showing you how to deploy an Express API as serverless functions on Vercel

Deploy a static site with a working form using Netlify

Learn how to host websites that have fully functioning forms for free

Love Vuetify? Meet PrimeVue, a powerful new Vue UI library

Follow along to learn first hand the power of PrimeVue

What is Apollo Link and its purpose in the GraphQL ecosystem?

Learn about Apollo Link and why it was created

Bulk deleting local Git branches using Regex

Clean up your local dev environment with these handy commands

Vue component TDD with Jest & Storybook

Dip your toes into the basics of building Vue components using Test Driven Development

How to make an API from scraped data using Express & Puppeteer

Turn any website into an API using this technique

How to find your AWS Cognito IdentityPoolId

Quickly locate an AWS Cognito IdentityPoolId in minutes

How to install Node.js

This is the first step toward building full stack applications and APIs with JavaScript

Setting up a SASS/SCSS transpiler

Quickly set up a SASS/SCSS to CSS workflow using this guide

What is a callback function in JavaScript?

Understand this simple fundamental that trips most JavaScript beginners

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